Senior Architect/Interior Designer, Shanghai
AIM Architecture

Job Descriptions and Requirements

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Job Position

Senior Architect / Interior Designer (Team Leader), Shanghai

Job Requirements

  • Minimum Bachelor degree (or equivalent) in architecture or interior design. Fluent in English and proficiency in Mandarin would be a bonus
  • Minimum 8 years of work experience and 3 of which in management or project  leading positions in Asia/China
  • Familiar with the architecture and interior design industry practices in China. Possess at least 2 architecture project experiences from concept, design, and construction to completion. On site experience is essential
  • Ability to conceptualize design ideas and materialize the ideas into detailed and professional drawings
  • Possess a good understanding of design principles and philosophies
  • Extremely organized with an ability to multi-task under pressure
  • Possess leadership and certain management skills
  • Ability to present and articulate ideas and concepts passionately and professionally
  • Curious, passionate about design, diligent with details and is a team player

Job  Descriptions:

  • Contribute to concept development for projects by producing design ideas and design direction which cohere to the AIM design language
  • Guide team members to research and produce mood reference, visual materials and material samples
  • Design and produce drawings and SU models
  • Delegate tasks, manage work efficiency and QC design quality among team throughout projects with particular attention to build feasibility, accuracy and well thought through details
  • Lead & manage presentation deck preparations by determining the elements that need to be included and the standard of these elements
  • Host and prepare for client meetings and design discussions
  • Work with PM to maintain precise communication with clients on schedule of deliverables, change of design programs and other important issues
  • Provide design solutions to team members when technical/design issues occur
  • Work closely with the Design Principals and PM to ensure technical feasibility and cost viability of the design
  • Manage communication between team members and client management team to ensure coherent and precise communication
  • Manage build process and minor design revisions during build process to ensure coherence and operational feasibility of the project
  • Help cultivate and groom team members in terms of design and work efficiency

About AIM Architecture

Founded by Wendy Saunders and Vincent de Graaf in 2005, AIM is a Shanghai based design studio who design and manage a substantial number of projects throughout china and South East Asia.

Our work is inspired by its context and the fine line between vision and practicality. The journey from concept to final product is made with attention, devotion to quality and an ability to see small details within the bigger picture. With 13 years in shanghai, we understand the complexity of building in Asia. And having gained experience in the different scales of design, architecture and urban planning. We have come to appreciate projects where we can combine all these aspects. Collaborative across different fields, resulting in more complete and integrated projects.

At AIM, process is part of the purpose.

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