The destination of rising and acclaimed designs, founded in Shanghai. CUUNION embraces universal design, thoughts and products fused with concept fairs and incubation platforms where connect creators, makers, spaces and individuals.

Curation / Concept Fair

Everything starts from a need. In the lead up to Shanghai Design Week 2016, we received an enquiry from a design brand looking for a reasonably priced exhibition venue. That was our starting point: one exhibitor and a one square metre booth. We have since grown to create fairs with thousands of exhibitors and partners.

Bespoke Service

CUUNION BESPOKE consists with partners of international designers, curators, craftsmen, engineers and manufacturers. With the diverse skills, we aim to support architects, interior designers, hospitality industries, professionals and private owners to search alternative solutions of interior soft-furnishing, bespoke furniture and lighting, products development, installation design and accessible production.