Collage No.5 Cabinet

“DERIVATIVE CHINESE STYLE” is a concept which tries to find a new way to break and reconstruct different oriental philosophy and elements to redefine a new Chinese style in order to provide an opportunity which combines western and eastern culture.

“Collage series” tries to extract the element from Chinese typical furniture including stool, table, shelf, rack, and desk and collage them together into a western frame as one shelf to show it’s original function but with new esthetics.

year of creation : 2016


size: 1800 x 800 x 440 mm


YEN OBJECT was established in 2015 composed by product architect Ian Yen and curator Josie Wang. In same year they launched brand and first furnishing collection at Mobile salone Milano Satellite got a lot of press focus. The purpose of this program is rethink the meanings of object by oriental aesthetics and architectural symbol, the want to create and redefine the different creative object.