AO Stool

The reason why I consider a chair with arc would be a reasonable form is because human hips are born with a curve.
“AO Chair” is a chair that will change with different uses. Initially, the surface of the chair would be smooth and flat.
During the using process, the ductile materials of this chair would become deformed due to the body weight. In order to fit the hip, this chair would gradually shape a retuse arc .

The hexagonal pattern is slowly increasing, from the edge to the middle. Finally, this is the chair with a sense of form.

year of creation : 2016

material:stainless steel

size:380 x 320 x 450 mm

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AO Stool

BUT Studio

People are easily fall into a cycle of life. They are so accustomed to the state of some things that lack of deep thinking.  ”BUT”  wants to use diverse design methods to break those insipid state, and bring the turning point of the ordinary life.

But there’s always another perspective.

We focus on the detail and quality of life,and attempt to seek for the balance between design and art. “BUT” is not only our studio’s name but also our design concept and action creed.