Summer Wonderland

with da kids.
supported by Vitra, Maharam

The children’s lifestyle platform Da Kids. was unveiled for the first time in Greater China, with the latest collections of internationally renowned children’s clothing brands such as COOIII, Maison Mangostan, Wander&Wonder, Wolf&Rita, RaspberryPlum, etc. An uncharted adventure of three-day event was held in a historic building on Julu Road in Shanghai.

Coinciding with the 112th birthday of Alexander Girard (1907-1993), the famous twentieth-century American textile designer, interior designer and collector of folk art, once created an artfully balanced spectacle of colour. Girard’s definition of the postmodernist color design language and its influence on the debate on post-industrial design and the globalization of everyday aesthetics has continued to span half a century.

In order to pay tribute to this design master and reproduce the source of inspiration from his creation, Da Kids. specially invited CUUNION to curate a joint exhibition and dialogue with the current and contemporary creators through the times of Alexander Girard’s insight of world and his love for folk art. Joint creators: contemporary children’s illustrator Thea Lu, famous Swiss furniture brand Vitra, United States Pioneer fabric brand Maharam, Danish design brand Kvadrat, Shanghai furniture brand MATSU, Shanghai native art brand Brut Cake, Shanghai tin toy brand Saint John, Xiamen knitting brand Knit Love, German home furnishing brand Flötotto and Finnish furniture brand Avarte, etc.

“When you practise in all fields of design, each field benefits from your experience in the others. And all design is related, whether houses, gardens, furniture or women’s clothes.”
Alexander Girard (1907-1993)

da kids.


Strategic Partners
Vitra, Maharam

Kids Fashion Exhibitors
Acorn, Archnollie, COOIII, Coco&Ginger, Chuchuna Duke of London, Jokii, Maison Mangostan, Moque OBDesign, Peggy, RaspberryPlum, Wander&Wonder, Wolf&Rita, Zuttion

Kids Design Exhibitors
MATSU, Brut Cake, Knit Love, Saint John, Flötotto, Avarte

Thea Lu

Video Production Sponsor
Cat & Mouse

Mike Tsai

No.796, Julu Rd, Jingan District, Shanghai

Date & Time
2019.07.25 – 2019.07.27
10:00 – 18:00

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