Concept Curation

Singular Life Simple Way

with Escape Art Space

From graphic design to product designs such as carpets and fabrics, from clothing design to painting exercises, Qian Jing and Zhang Da gradually extend and evolve within their respective fields. Upon getting to know Zhang Da, we also got to know his fashion brand “Boundless.” we particularly liked this name. Qian Jing has a similar definition for her field of “graphic design,” where it doesn’t need to have a fixed form or boundaries. As Zhang Da slowly transitions his visual language to acrylic painting and tablet illustration, Qian Jing, on the other hand, shifts her visual language to her handmade carpet brand “MEW” . Being close friends, they often exchange news and their thoughts about events happening around them. This curatorial opportunity naturally creates a connection between their works.

Escape Art Space

Qian Jing
Zhang Da

Design & Art Diretor
Elliott Chuang

Key Visual & Graphic Design
Qian Jing

Design Assistant
Huan Huan

Huan Huan

No. 3, Lane 40, Wukang Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
(Register on-site for exhibition access)

2023.08.06 – 09.03
10am – 5pm

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