Lighting Fair

Lights Craving

by CUUNION and Bailian Fashion Centre YQL, Shanghai

Shine everywhere, bright and splendid.

Whenever we describe a certain moment in our life, we often say that it is our “shining moment of life”, but time, like light, can’t seem to hold it, and even describing it is not an easy thing. But just as humans invented the clock to correlate time, borrowing a lamp may give us a chance to freeze light.

This time, fall here, let’s gaze at a beam of light together.

A total of 14 domestic and foreign brands and works of creators will place 14 beams of light here, breaking the traditional exhibition presentation form and creating a more creative and infinitely possible “light spot”. The combination of daylight space and darkened space, the interaction of light and light, the symbiosis of light and space, the contrast between light and viewing, just waiting for you to walk in, fall here, and be immersed in the scene.

Bailian Fashion Centre YQL

Strategic Partners

Media Partner
Shanghai WOW

Brand Design Partner
DBSG Design

ARPEL, Fine Lumens, Frank Chou Design Studio, Haoshi Design, Lilt, MAMAMOON, moiminjia, MRT design, Normann Copenhagen, THESHAW, TIWUWORKS, WUU

Brand Sponsor

No.955, South Suzhou Rd, Huangpu, Shanghai

Date & Time
2019.09.09 – 2019.09.29
10:00 – 18:00

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