Mini Museum

Elegant Forma

with Allongé café, Shanghai

Conduct small-scale curatorial research in restricted spaces, from micro-materials, texts, objects, images, sculptures, paintings to digital, breaking the emotional interaction between visitors and space.

How about small?
Small things are big things, and the big things in the world must be done in detail.
Small materials are used for small objects, and leftover materials are a great source of cherished resources.
Small exhibitions are not to be underestimated, and aesthetics, design, and presentation are all about attention

Inspired by “Formalism”, which refers to the emphasis on form rather than content in art, literature and philosophy.
In today’s digital age, life is gradually being swallowed up by fast consumption. When we felt that the “sense of ritual” and “details” were not present, we met Ming-Hui by chance who is the owner of Allongé café, together we propose this project on reflection of slow living

The first wave of mini musuem invited Xu Cui, the founder and designer of Pinwuji, a local fine wood design brand from Chongqing. Xu graduated from the Sculpture Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts with a master degree. He is currently teaching in the Product Design Department of Chongqing Jiaotong University, also a member of Chongqing Creative Designers Association and Chongqing Sculpture Association.

Xu mainly designs products across borders with sculptural feel and hand-made working methods. He condenses the feeling of life on the material and presents it in the form of objects, opening up another imagination for woodware design.

Carpentry Cobblestone Metro Card challenges the rigid and cold electronic traffic card, and plays with practical and collectible daily objects in a tea ceremony-like of “elegant ritual”.

The Cobblestone Metro Card in the on-site exhibition is the Shanghai version, retail price: RMB 260, and also accepts customization from other cities. The delivery time for hand-made customization is about 7-10 days. The wood species of products are: black walnut, beech , large fruit red sandalwood, iron wood beans, green sandalwood, purple sandalwood, purple core wood, cypress and so on.


Venue Partner
Allongé café

Fran Hsiao, Zisheng Chuang

Artist / Designer
Xu Cuo

No.106, Xuhui District, Yanqing Road, Shanghai

Date & Time
2019.08.17 – 2019.09.01
08:00 – 19:00

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