Design and Applied Art Fair

Design Change Makers 2023

with EKA Tianwu Shanghai

Co-hosted by EKA Tianwu and CUUNION, the “Design Change Makers 2023” officially commenced on June 9th, 2023, at EKA Tianwu in Shanghai. This extraordinary event serves as a dynamic convergence point for creativity, design, and innovation, embodying the visionary spirit of our time. Going beyond the confines of traditional physical spaces, this curated exhibition seamlessly integrates the transformative power of social relationships within the context of contemporary urban renewal. At its core, the festival aims to establish a shared space that fosters not only complementary value among participants but also nurtures profound interpersonal connections. Within this ever-evolving environment, individuals are drawn together by their shared professional domains and common values. The realms of design, architecture, culture, art, technology, fashion, and cuisine intersect, giving rise to a rich tapestry of collaborative endeavors and hope for the future.

The “Design Change Makers 2023” is precisely established through cross-disciplinary exchange and friendships, promoting mutual influence and resource sharing within the creative design industry. It nurtures a spirit of coexistence and mutual prosperity, with CUUNION at the forefront of this design movement, dedicated to developing modern, innovative design thinking and products. It propels industry development towards the bustling city of Shanghai and radiates throughout the entire market. Acting as a catalyst, it establishes dynamic bridges between creators, manufacturers, spaces, and the public. The symbiotic alliance of EKA Tianwu and CUUNION embodies a exceptional fusion of vision and execution.

Immerse yourself in this exhibition, where you will encounter captivating works from over 100 brands, designers, manufacturers, new media, educational institutions, and various organizations. With an indoor and outdoor exhibition area exceeding 6,000 square meters, the content spans multiple domains, including interior architecture, furniture and soft furnishings, material research, sustainable design, applied arts, visual graphics, outdoor mobility, and experiential entertainment. Join us on this journey of innovation, exploration, and transformation, shaping a beautiful and joyful future. Break the boundaries of creative thinking, and redefine the essence of design that changes the world – transformation is about changing oneself.

Shanghai Jia Yun Investment

EKA Tianwu


Curatorial and Design Director
Elliott Chuang

Key Visual Design

Exhibition Guide and Graphic Design
LIU Qing

Curatorial Assistant
CAI Mengying

EKA Tianwu, Tiger Zhang

No. 535 Jinqiao Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

2023.06.09 – 07.09
11am – 06pm

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