The objective of the “A” series is to apply utility and simplify user experience by refining the ordinary experience of people. A-table is a narrow bar height table that can be engaged from either direction. A-bench is a bar stool height long bench that keeps those seated at the same eye level as those standing. They can be used together or separate to create a “field” of social activity in public spaces.

Designers: Hsin-Chun Wang, Ye Liu

Material : maple



Short: 51.2”(l) x 23.5”(w) x 46 ”(h) / 130 (l) x 60 (w) x 117 (h)cm

Long: 70.85”(l) x 23.5”(w) x 46”(h) / 180 (l) x 60 (w) x 117 (h)cm

A-bench :

Short: 37.4 ”(l) x 17.7 ”(w) x 31.1 ”(h) / 95 (l) x 45 (w) x 79 (h)cm

Long: 57”(l) x 17.7”(w) x 31.1”(h) / 145 (l) x 45 (w) x 79 (h)cm





Hyfen a design collection of home goods and furniture, created and curated by HCWD Studio and collaborated designers worldwide, focuses on bridging human sense, physics, material and geometry, looks into the essence of routine subjects and links them together to create strange-familiar new objects that recompose how we interact with environment and daily life.