Concept Fair

The Unfinished

with eCOOL Chongqing

The word plastic comes from the Greek word Plastikos, which means fit for moulding, which refers to the plasticity during the manufacturing process that allows them to be cast into a wide variety of shapes. Because its material is not rotten for thousands of years, non-degradable will bring serious damage to the earth’s environment and ecology. Interestingly, “plastic” itself is also a pun: the first is the material itself, and the second is the prosperity and substance of the surface. of fragility. But when we look back at the history of human civilization, the original intention of the invention of plastic is to truly protect our earth. Since the mid-19th century, under the continuous improvement and development, plastic has become an important part of human modern industrial civilization.

The exhibition space has more than 400 sqm which is divided into 4 chapters, systematically sorting out and re-deconstructing the past and present of “plastic”, one of the core clues of the century-old material world.

eCOOL Chongqing


Design Curator & Producer
Elliott Chuang

Concept & Content Curator
Vivi Liu

Project Management
Winnie Wei

Key Visual & Graphic Design
Deng Deng

Interior and Set Design
Elliott Chuang, Ximeng He

Art Installation Design
Xu Cui

Brand Partners

Contractor & Installation
Meina Advertising, Chuanmei Art

Shenzhen World – Exhibition & Convention Center
No. 1, Zhancheng Road, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

2022.07.25 – 07.28

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